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The following are information resource articles about drugs, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, addiction treatment and recovery. Find articles here about drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, effects of addiction, rehabilitation, and recovery information.
Drug and alcohol addiction and recovery are very complicated with thier problems and solutions varyng for each suffering individual and his or her family and loved ones. In order to overome drug and alcohol addiction, a comprehansive understanding of the disease and treatment options is vital. For those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, those looking for treatment solutions for loved ones in the grip of addiction and those seeking more general knowledge about drug addiction, alcoholism, addiction rehabilitation, and recovery, the following informative resource articles can help to outline their complicated detals.

Major Update to Online Directory

Category: Main Content Last Updated: 06 November 2012 Published: 01 November 2012

–At, we understand that finding the right treatment options can be very difficult and stressful, not to mention risky and costly. And that's why our goal has always been to provide individuals and families with a trusted platform to learn about addictions and co-occurring disorders, and a safe, compassionate space to share, learn, help and heal.

At the same time, we've always been relentlessly focused on developing treatment center innovations, and serving as a trusted resource for information about addiction and addiction treatment centers. And that's why we're delighted to announce that, thanks to a new update, we now feature the country's largest and most up-to-date online directory of treatment centers.

Our online directory, which was launched five years ago, is the largest and most comprehensive publicly-rated and reviewed directory of addiction treatment centers in the world – online or offline. Each treatment center in our online directory is checked and verified per the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) Database.


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    General Addiction Information and Resources

    The following page contains article excerpts on numerous drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation (addiction) treatment subjects. Please click on any or all of our drug addiction, drug and alcohol treatment and drug rehabiliation related articles to learn more about the addiction and related subject matter.

    Addiction is a debilitating disease which destroys lives, families, communities, and contributes to the overall degradation and downfall of civilized society. That said, although it is a social and socioeconomic problem, first and foremost, iit is a human problem - a disease like any other - chronic, progressive, and ultimately fatal. It is our sincere hope that the information contained in the following articles can help educate the public, families, and addicts and alcoholics themselves in the nature of addiction, the types of services available for help, and the means by which to find that help.

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