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Executive Drug Rehab

As the substance abuse and addiction epidemic continues to ravage the United States, it has become more evident that this deadly scourge does not discriminate, affecting people from every background, religion, and socioeconomic background.

Although addiction among affluent musicians and actors is well known and documented, there is not such widespread knowledge of the cooperate executives; those who run multi-million dollar companies, who struggle with addiction. More commonly known as “functioning addicts”, this population is accustomed to operating on a high level, carrying enormous responsibilities, and providing for the livelihoods of hundreds or thousands of employees.

These are people who’s reputations alone, are often directly connected to their ability to make deals, and engage contracts which continue to grow their business, attract investors, and expand their overall business portfolio.

It is no surprise that so few executives actively seek addiction treatment. Most feel they do not have time for extensive stays in a rehab facility, due to their demanding positions, and the continuous need for their presence at important meetings or negotiations.

Although executives have a separate set of resources and responsibilities from the traditional addict stereotype, the need for rehab is not based on a socioeconomic scale. Any individual who is struggling with drug abuse and addiction needs help, regardless of financial means, or executive power.

How Is Executive Rehab Different?

The treatment components of executive rehab are generally the same as those in most drug rehab programs, consisting of detoxification, individual and group therapies, counseling, and aftercare services.

Although the program and treatment details are similar, executive rehab has some key features, which are very different from traditional rehab programs. Some of these features include the following:

  • Executives may immediately initiate, and maintain contact with colleagues and business associates for the duration of their stay in rehab. This directly addresses a top concern for many executives, who cannot take time away from their duties in their positions.

    In a traditional rehab setting, individuals are not allowed to contact anyone for the first several days or weeks of detox, and rehab. This is to ensure focus and concentration on these processes, without the distraction of outside, non-essential contact.

  • Executive rehab provides a higher level of privacy and seclusion for clients, usually in exclusive locations with extremely restricted access. These locations may be tucked away on the side of a mountain, or deep in a canyon, down a long private driveway, with limited to no visibility from any public road. Additionally, clients receive private bedrooms, and have access to private transportation for the highest levels of discretion.

    While the privacy of all individuals in drug rehab is protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), most drug rehab programs everyone enjoys a standard level of privacy protection, which includes strict adherence by the staff to not confirm or deny the attendance of any individual who may be in the facility. These privacy standards also extend to anyone who attempts to visit a patient in the center. Without prior clearance by the addict, no one may visit, or be made aware of an individual’s presence, whether current or past. The only exception is in the circumstance of an urgent law enforcement matter, in which case disclosure may be made to an authorized law enforcement officer.

  • Executive drug rehab allows for individuals to leave the facility for business travel, with notification to, and authorization from staff. This enables them to continue their business dealings, and maintain the important relationships and schedules which are necessary to keep a business running during their time in drug rehab.

    Typically, leaving the premises of a drug rehab facility is strictly prohibited, without the direct supervision of an authorized staff member. This means addicts are not able to attend meetings or any other gathering without the direct supervision of a staff member from the rehab. In typical drug rehab programs, an entire group may leave the premises for a “field trip” type of activity, or an individual may have to be escorted to court, or an outside medical office.

In addition to the freedoms which allow executives to continue their work relationships, maintain their communications, and travel for business, there are a host of amenities provided, most of which can only also be found at luxury drug rehab centers.

Some of these amenities, include, but are not limited to:

  • Catered healthy meals – Establishing, and maintaining a healthy diet is an important component for anyone in drug rehab. Executive rehab centers go the extra mile to provide catered meals and snacks, prepared by top chefs, and specifically designed for optimal nutritional balance.
  • Private rooms with luxury furnishings – In all efforts to replicate a home or high-end hotel environment, executive drug rehabs aim to keep clients as comfortable as possible, so they can continue to work during rehab, without the added stress of discomfort or lack of living amenities to which they are accustomed.
  • State of the art exercise and swim facilities – Exercise and keeping active is an important part of recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Executive drug rehab programs make this as comfortable and accessible as possible, by providing multiple different ways in which clients can stay active in whichever manner best suits them.

With all of the amenities and freedoms offered at an executive drug rehab, it is no surprise that these programs cost more than average, just as the lifestyle expenses of people who attend these rehabs, are higher than average.

It is important to understand that, even though executive drug rehabs are luxurious and spa-like, they are not vacation destinations. The hard work of treatment, counseling, and skill building is still the centerpiece of an executive drug rehab.

Despite the luxurious and preferential amenities offered in executive drug rehab, the core staples of effective drug treatment are what make the meaningful difference in continued sobriety.

By using evidence-based treatment methods like medically assisted detox and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), executives and other high-powered people receive a comprehensive level of support and counseling.

Additionally, holistic supplements like acupuncture, meditation, art therapy, equine assisted therapy, and yoga, are a few of the many therapies which may be offered in an executive drug rehab. All supplemental therapies offered will vary by rehab program, and available therapies should be verified with each program.

Why Should Any Addict Need Luxury? Don’t Addicts Have to Hit Rock Bottom?

The truth is that all addicts do not have to hit rock bottom before they can receive help. Many people may believe that there is no incentive for an executive to get better, if rehab is like a spa, and providing extra luxuries and freedoms.

The reality is that specific amenities of a treatment program do not make it more or less effective. Whether an individual is forced into rehab, going out of state for treatment, or enjoying plush luxuries while maintaining a business at an executive rehab, the effectiveness of the program depends almost entirely on the individual.

Executives and other high-level career people can attend the most expensive, exclusive and luxurious rehab available, but if there is a lack of commitment to change and maintain sobriety, there is little the program and its counselors can do, other than providing an expensive “vacation”.

Find Executive Rehab

Executive rehab programs are one of several different rehab types, but they maintain the same goal as any other rehab; to provide treatment, tools and support to help individuals establish and maintain a sober and healthy lifestyle.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and a demanding high-powered career, help is available. You do not need to choose between your career and a healthy, drug-free life. Our certified counselors can confidentially help you and your family to find the right executive drug rehab for your needs, ensuring complete privacy, and that you do not lose a step in your career obligations and opportunities.

Please don’t wait for addiction to destroy your life and career, and call us now for immediate and confidential help to find the rehab best for you. We are here to help.

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