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Here's why you should call: 

If you think you need rehab, then you do. Find out what kind of financial help is available.

  • Confidential. Your Privacy is Guaranteed.
  •  No Commitment.
  • The call is free
  • This call could save your life or the life of someone you love

What You Need to Know About Paying for Rehab Treatment:

Getting help for your addiction is critical and you shouldn’t let questions about money stop you from saving your own life.  

Most major insurance companies offer some form of benefits for addiction rehabilitation. Benefits do vary widely across insurance companies and may also be influenced by the type of addiction that you are seeking treatment for.

How We Help:

Our addiction treatment experts have helped thousands of people just like you.

We will help you determine the insurance benefits you can expect to receive and show you your options for paying in the event that your insurance does not cover drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

What to Expect when you Call:

1.   Expect to be treated with respect, dignity and professionalism

Our highly trained team members all have a deep connection to addiction and recovery.  Most of our team personally struggled with drugs or alcohol, but now are dedicated to helping others find the peace they have found. They know that addiction is a powerful disease. 

They know that calling now is an important first step to towards recovery.

2.  Be prepared to provide the following information to help our addiction insurance professionals determine how much coverage you can expect. We'll ask you for:

  • Contact and identifying information for you or whomever you are trying to find help for
  • Contact and identifying information for the primary insured (could be a parent,  spouse, or another)
  • It is helpful to have your insurance card ready, because we will need to know:
    • The name of your insurance company
    • Group Number
    •  Member Number

3.   Expect to find out what kind of coverage your insurance provides in one to two hours.

Our team will call your insurance company directly and fight them on your behalf.   We want you to have the best treatment available to you.  We will not let your insurance company stand in the way of your health. We'll call you back in two hours or less and discuss how much coverage you can expect from your insurance.

What not to Expect on the Call:

1.   Don’t expect to be judged or pressured.

We’ve been where you are today.  We have felt the loneliness, the despair, the loss of control.  We know what you are feeling.  We are hear to listen and help you or your loved one on this journey to recovery.

2.    Don’t expect to be promised anything that we can't deliver.

Once you give us all of your information, we will fight to get the best deal we can for you from your insurance company.  However, these insurance companies are professions at not helping their clients.  That means that you may have to come up with some money that your insurance company won’t pay to help you save yours life from this destructive addiction.

3.   Don’t expect to immediately talk to a counselor, therapist, or legal professional.

You will immediately speak to a highly trained team member that will help you take this vital first step to recovery.

Once you enter treatment, you will receive world-class therapeutic, counseling, and medical treatment

Insurance FAQs

Will my insurance cover treatment?

  • Most private insurance companies cover mental heath and substance abuse at some level.  Give us a call, and we will be able to tell you exactly what your insurance company will and won’t cover.

What insurance companies cover treatment?

  • Most private insurance companies will cover treatment, and all major insurances do.  If you have coverage from Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United, Humana, etc., you will likely have some or complete coverage.

Will Medicare/Medicaid based programs cover treatment?

  • While Medicare and Medicaid to reimburse for some substance abuse treatment, most private treatment centers do not accept these forms of insurance.  Sorry we won’t be able to help.

What is CoPay?

  • Copay is a payment that your insurance company may require you to make to a treatment facility prior to the insurance company covering your treatment.  This is similar to a copayment that you make when you pick up prescription medication or go to an appointment with your general care doctor.

What is a Deductible?

  • An insurance deductible is generally an annual minimum expense that the insured person must pay out-of-pocket to the treatment facility prior to their insurance company covering treatment.

What is the difference between CoPay and Deductible?

  • Insurance companies require you to pay a copay every time your insurance is billed for medical services, no matter how many times you use your insurance.  If you go to the doctor once in a year, you will pay one copay.  If you go to the doctor 50 times in a year, you will pay 50 copays. 
  • Deductibles are different in that there is an annual amount that you have to cover, but after that amount is paid the insurance company will pick up the tab in full.  So if you have a $5000 annual deductible and you have already visited a doctor or been to a hospital for any reason, your deductible may be met for the year!

What if my insurance doesn’t cover treatment: Am I just out of luck?

  • Of course not.  Even if your insurance doesn’t cover treatment or you don’t have insurance, we may be able to help.  Treatment isn’t cheap, but give us a call.  We may be able to fit you into some of the nation’s premier programs for less than $15,000.

Is financing for inpatient rehabilitation treatment available?

  • This varies by treatment center. Some treatment centers may offer financing options while others may not. Give us a call and we'll help you sort through all of your options.

How soon can I get into treatment?

  • Depending on your coverage, we may be able to get you in to treatment as soon as today or tomorrow.  We know what it is like to struggle with addiction or to watch your loved one struggle. 
  • We know that getting into treatment as soon as possible is vital!  
  • Get the process started, by calling, and we will let you know exactly how soon you can find help.

Will insurance cover my travel costs?

  • Insurance companies almost never cover the cost of travel to treatment.  While travel costs can be high in today’s world, it is important to know that putting some distance between the addict and the environment that helps enable that addiction is absolutely necessary to help lay the foundation for a lifetime of recovery. 

Call the Rehabilitation Insurance Helpline at 1-800-610-HOPE

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