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Dual diagnosis is generally defined as a drug or alcohol addiction in conjunction with one or more co-occurring mental health disorders.  Often, these kinds of disorders can range from depression, to anxiety, manic or bi-polar disorders, as well as types as PTSD.  When considering dual diagnosis drug treatment, it is important to consider the onset of the various mental health issues.  If these problems seemed to come with the drug or alcohol abuse, this is not what is considered to be dual diagnosis, rather a symptom of drug or alcohol addiction.  However, for the population of addicts and alcoholics who have suffered from mental health disorders from a time prior to addiction, dual diagnosis treatment can be the most important part of recovery.  WIthout treatment of both the addiction and the mental health disorder,  one problem can easily feed the power of the other, leading to a cycle of mental health problems and addictive berhioral problems.  If you or a loved one is suffering from dual diagnosis drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to seek proper treatment immediately as the combination of mental health disorders and addiction are very complicated to treat, and all the more dangerous.

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