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Drug Addiction Information and Resources

Florida Pill Mills

Parent Category: Addiction Category: Drug Addiction Last Updated: 27 November 2012 Published: 27 November 2012

With half a billion Oxycontin pills distributed in Florida in 2009 alone[1], the Sunshine State stands at the forefront of the U.S. Oxycontin addiction.  Indeed, Florida’s illicit pill use is twice that of the next closest state—and it’s on the rise[2]. Federal authorities estimate that the problem grew by 100 million pills in a single year, an increase of 25 percent[3]. The drug is a full-fledged public health and addiction crisis affecting millions of families.

What is a pill mill?

“Pill mill” is a colloquial term for semi-legal distribution centers of controlled substances, chief among them Oxycontin[4]. Doctors, clerks and other pill mill employees often have firearms or other weapons within easy reach[5], suggesting that these establishments more closely resemble drug houses than medical clinics. Outside of Florida, Texas[6] and Pennsylvania[7] host the most pill mills. Branded (or, some would argue, disguised) as pain management clinics, pill mills often pop up and disappear rapidly. When one closes, another can pop up quickly in its place.

Krokodil: The New Killer

Parent Category: Addiction Category: Drug Addiction Last Updated: 18 October 2013 Published: 18 October 2013


“Krokodil” is a new and terrifying addition to the chronic drug epidemic in the United States. Its effects are sudden, horrific, and deadly. Information from the United States is currently limited because of the drug’s recent appearance in the American drug culture. We intend to bring some clarity to the confusion regarding Krokodil. Misinformation is rampant, with devastating effects among so many who are unaware of the immediate consequences of using this drug. While the international community has some experience with Krokodil, the United States and its drug prevention communities must make itself aware of how to recognize and treat these addictions.

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