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Treatment Centers in South Africa

The following drug treatment centers, alcohol rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment facilities are all located in South Africa. Clicking on the name of any addiction treatment program will bring up a details page with all of the contact information we have in our database for that particular rehabilitation center, as well as ratings and reviews about the program written by members of our recovery community (the public). If you have personal experience with any of the treatment centers listed, we encourage you to register for our site and share your experience with others by writing a review of your own.  Our directory lists treatment centers in South Africa as a public benefit. Please call our 24/7 addiction treatment helpline at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) for further assistance. We're here to help!


25 GIbson Road, , , , 7708

We Do Recover offers expert advice on selecting a South Africa addiction treatment center. You won't pay any more than other clients of the center and our advice is independent.

53 Davidson Street, , , , 2032

With so many rhabs in S.A ranging in price from R5000pm to R75000pm, choosing one that suits your needs and you budget can be a very challenging and stressful exercise. is an Addic ...

SubtitleHow to choose a rehab right for you
Carter Gordon Clinics

Anthony Str, , , , 6600

Carter Gordon Clinics are quickly becoming the South African treatment group of choice for many people around the world. CGC are committed to providing patients with an individualised Sustainable Well ...

SubtitleHighland House

valley rd, , , , 7925

The Harmony Group is the single largest service provider of quality treatment in South Africa, comprising a fully licenced detox facility, fully licenced Extended Care Facility, as well as a licenced ...

Subtitleaddictions treatment

, , , 8001

1st Step Rehab Solutions helps you take the guesswork out of finding the right addiction treatment centre, drug rehab or detox facility in South Africa for yourself or your loved one. We deal with th ...

SubtitleAddiction Treatment Experts

43 Villa Donato, Campbell Rd, Craigavon Johannesburg, , , , 2016

Top drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Sout Africa. Locate a substance abuse counselor or clinic in your area ready to assist you with your personal journey from addiction. Locate rehab ...

SubtitleTop Rehabs In South Africa
A Way Out Addiction Treatment Center

Fluer De Liz, , , , 7646

SubtitleAffordable Upmarket Rehab
Twin Rivers Addictions Recovery Centre

112 Longships Drive, , , , 6600

Twin Rivers offers affordable residential treatment programmes for people suffering with an addiction disorder and/or mental healthproblems. PHILOSOPHY- Twin Rivers Recovery Centre is based on the Mi ...

7 Valley Road, Hout Bay,, , , , 7806 

Are you an alcoholic / drug addict? Ask yourself the following twenty questions; answer them as honestly as you can. Harmony Group drug addiction rehab & treatment centre.

SubtitleHarmony Group Drug Rehab Centre - Cape Town
Keep the Dream Recovery and Restoration Center

56 Witfontein Road, , , , 6529

We don't have patiens we have students We don't have programs we have processes We are not a REHAB we are a normal family in a normal home We do not use any medication we use the B.I.B.L.E. (Ba ...

SubtitleYou are empowered but only YOU can disqualify YOU

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