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Treatment Centers in Rhode Island (RI)

The following drug treatment centers, alcohol rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment facilities are all located in the state of Rhode Island. Clicking on the name of any addiction treatment program will bring up a details page with all of the contact information we have in our database for that particular rehabilitation center, as well as ratings and reviews about the program written by members of our recovery community (the public). If you have personal experience with any of the treatment centers listed, we encourage you to register for our site and share your experience with others by writing a review of your own.  Our directory lists treatment centers in Rhode Island as a public benefit. Please call our 24/7 addiction treatment helpline at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) for further assistance. We're here to help!

4705 Old Post Road Suite A, , , , 02813

SubtitleAddictions Program

166 Pawtucket Avenue , , , , 02860

SubtitleEastman House

1052 Park Avenue , , , , 02910

SubtitleOutpatient Drug Free

111 Howard Avenue Building 56, , , , 02920

SubtitleResidential Services

80 East Street , , , , 02920


850 Waterman Avenue , , , , 02914

SubtitleEast Bay

251 Main Street , , , , 02822

SubtitlePhoenix House Exeter Center

985 Plainfield Street , , , , 02919

SubtitleRhode Island Clinic

1126 Hartford Avenue , , , , 02919-7130

31 John Clarke Road , , , , 02842

SubtitleCounty Family Counseling Program

127 Johnny Cake Hill Road , , , , 02842

SubtitleCommunity Mental Health Center

268 Kingstown Road , , , , 02882

93 Thames Street , , , , 02840

SubtitleCODAC Newport

2198 Wallum Lake Road , , , , 2859

2076 Wallum Lake Road P.O. Box 398, , , , 02859

SubtitlePhoenix Academy at Wallum Lake

31 North Union Street , , , , 02860

203 Concord Street Suite 463, , , , 02860

345 Blackstone Boulevard , , , , 02906

SubtitleAlcohol and Drug Treatment Services

349 Huntington Avenue , , , , 02909

66 Pavilion Avenue , , , , 02905


Drug and alcohol treatment in Rhode Island (RI)

Rhode Island has a huge reputation despite its geographical size. Just over 1 million citizens of this proud “Ocean State” host some of the country’s most significant institutions, including Brown University. Despite some of these proud accomplishments and its history, Rhode Island suffers along with the rest of the nation at the hands of addiction to drugs and alcohol.


Rhode Island and the surrounding areas have an ongoing substance abuse crisis.


Addiction to drugs and alcohol is not simply a public health crisis. Substance abuse haunts the lives of individuals and their families. The dependence on alcohol and other substances often makes it impossible for individuals and the communities they live in to reach their full potential. Addiction not only harms individuals, it harms the community around them. From Providence to Westerly, and Newport to Pawtucket, no corner of Rhode Island is immune to the possibility of devastating addictions. We exist to help individuals and communities that suffer from substance abuse.


Rehabilitation and treatment options are needed to fight alcohol and drug dependence in Rhode Island.


The statistical evidence of the ongoing substance abuse crisis in Rhode Island demonstrates the need for solutions.

•           2,508 people were arrested for driving under the influence in Rhode Island during 2011.

•           13% of all Rhode Island residents used illegal drugs during the last month.

•           142 people died directly of drug use during a 12-month time span. During the same time, only 85 people died in car accidents and 37 died due to firearms in Rhode Island.

Every citizen in Rhode Island should stand up now and call for immediate action to prevent the continuation of substance abuse. Any solution without comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation facilities cannot and will not produce a long-lasting recovery for the individual or the area in which he or she resides. Our team can commit the highest quality of medical professionals to counsel each individual. Each addiction is unique, and we believe each addiction requires an individualized plan to produce a lasting recovery. Our team has compiled the list of rehabilitation and treatment facilities as a public service at the bottom of this page. Call us now to hear more at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673).


Worried about healthcare laws or insurance plans? Put our team to work for you!


The fine print and the red tape of insurance policies and healthcare laws may seem like yet another barrier to finding the addiction treatment you need. Our experienced team will take on the insurance companies for you! We understand that:

·   43 states and the District of Columbia require most insurance policies to address substance abuse treatment.

·   Federal healthcare legislation that was recently upheld by the Supreme Court compels most insurance policies to cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Don’t let the politics and useless policy debates in Providence, or Washington, DC, stop you from doing what’s important: getting the help that you need. Let us put our experience to work for you so you can focus on overcoming your addiction! Please call us today at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) for more details about the options available to you today!


Addiction makes you forget the life you can have. Start dreaming again!


Remember the days before methamphetamine and heroin ruined a promising career? Can you recall the friendships you had before cocaine took control of your life? Can you remember all the time spent with your family before prescription painkillers and alcohol left you struggling alone? Our entire staff believes in your recovery so you can reclaim your life. Don’t let all the possibilities of New England and the Pacific Ocean pass you by before you deal with substance abuse. With an individualized plan designed just for you, we believe we can offer the best chance for long-term recovery. Pick up the phone to find out more. 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) 


You can beat substance abuse! Get the help you need today!


The choice to find help is often the most difficult barrier in any recovery. Our team and dedicated staff believe we can offer you the best in medical and counseling care so you can defeat your addiction. Every recovery starts with the choice to get help. Why not make that choice today? Rhode Island has a recovery or treatment program that will work for you if you put in the work toward sobriety. We are standing by and excited to hear from you! Please call 1-800-610-HOPE (4673)!

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