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Treatment Centers in Oklahoma (OK)

The following drug treatment centers, alcohol rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment facilities are all located in the state of Oklahoma. Clicking on the name of any addiction treatment program will bring up a details page with all of the contact information we have in our database for that particular rehabilitation center, as well as ratings and reviews about the program written by members of our recovery community (the public). If you have personal experience with any of the treatment centers listed, we encourage you to register for our site and share your experience with others by writing a review of your own.  Our directory lists treatment centers in Oklahoma as a public benefit. Please call our 24/7 addiction treatment helpline at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) for further assistance. We're here to help!

1301 SE 59th St, , , , 73129

We use evidence-based best practices in a bio-psych-social approach toward abstinence-oriented recovery in an environment of dignity and respect. We provide convenient outpatient hours before and afte ...

Narconon Arrowhead

HC 67 Box 5, , , , 74425

Narconon Arrowhead maintains a 76% success rate at helping those addicted to drugs and alcohol permanently leave their addiction behind. Beautiful setting with many activities on the second largest la ...

SubtitleDrug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

1000 Rolling Hills Lane , , , , 74820

1601 Wilkie Road , , , , 73852

2129 SW 59th Street , , , , 73159

SubtitleStart Recovery and Treatment Program

2442 East Mohawk Boulevard , , , 74110

SubtitlePalmer Continuum of Care

704 North Oak Avenue Suite 20, , , , 74820

111 East 12th Street , , , , 74820

SubtitleCenters of South OK/Pontotoc County

710 East Sutherland Street , , , , 73521

SubtitleDivision of New Hope of Mangum

9 10th Avenue NW , , , , 73401

221 2nd Street NW , , , , 73401

905 Holiday Drive , , , , 73401

SubtitleDBA Ardmore

615 SE Frank Phillips Boulevard , , , , 74003

SubtitleDBA Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Ctr

817 South Elm Place Suite B, , , , 74012-5369

102 East Broadway , , , , 73005

14625 NE 23rd Street , , , , 73020

1010 East Will Rogers Boulevard , , , , 74017

10320 North Airport Road , , , , 73601

SubtitleCheyenne Arapaho Substance Abuse

100 South Jones Avenue , , , , 74023

307 West Elm Street Suite 1, , , , 74701-4109

SubtitleOther Drug Abuse Inc


Drug and alcohol treatment in Oklahoma (OK)

Oklahoma has enjoyed a diverse history since joining the United States in 1907. One of our nation’s greatest producers of crude-based industries, Oklahoma and its almost 4,000,000 citizens know what hard work and dedication can offer. Despite all the successes from Black Mesa to the Little River, Oklahoma shares a struggle with drug and alcohol addiction with the rest of the nation.


Are drugs and alcohol destroying your life in the Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has the facilities to smooth the progress of understanding rehab and treatment options for those suffering from addiction. The power of substance abuse may seem completely unbearable. With one phone call, the journey to a better life for you or your loved one is in reach. Call 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) now. Our trained professionals are standing by to walk you through the many options available in the Oklahoma area. Drug and alcohol rehab and treatment is available for you no matter if you are in Oklahoma City, Norman, Stillwater, or the Oklahoma Panhandle.


Alcoholism and chronic drug use are plaguing Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, some forms of recreational drug use may seem as ordinary as going to the coffee shop. As your experience has shown you, that lifestyle is not made for everyone. Be it alcohol or other forms of drugs, addiction can strike any of us. In Oklahoma:

·      14,563 people were arrested for driving under the influence in 2011.

·      Meth lab seizures increased by 283 percent to 356 in 2009.

·      687 people died as a direct consequence of drug abuse during a 12-month period. This is more than the number who died from firearms during the same time frame—only 482.


There is no more time to waste. Oklahoma and its citizens must act now and face the consequences of what addiction has shown. We are here to assist those who need the services of the exceptional rehab and treatment options in your area, some of which are listed below. You deserve an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for your addiction. Call 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) to discuss these opportunities with our dedicated staff.


Oklahoma can answer all of your questions.

What rehab and treatment options are available in the Oklahoma area? How can I possibly afford help with the addiction a loved or I one suffer from? We are waiting for your call at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) to talk you through these and other pertinent questions. Did you know:

·      Most insurance policies by law in 43 states and the District of Columbia are required to cover alcohol and drug treatment options?

·      New federal healthcare laws compel nearly all insurance programs to recognize drug and alcohol rehabilitation options for care?


Several options are available. Don’t let the politics in Oklahoma City or Washington, DC, stop you from seeking out the help you or your loved one needs today. Rehab and treatment centers in the Oklahoma area are waiting to work with you and your particular circumstances to find solutions to the addictions in your life.


Imagine a better life in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has so much to offer. You can begin to envision a better life when you call our team at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673). Alcohol does not need to separate family and friends from great times downtown in the Oklahoma City area. Cocaine and methamphetamines do not have to keep parents and children from experiencing their first Oklahoma Thunder game. Heroin addiction does not need to prevent you or those you care for from experiencing the clean beauty of the Oklahoma area. The life you dream of can happen when you call us at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673).


Oklahoma area help is one phone call away. The moment is now.

Sometimes, the hardest choice to make when dealing with addiction is deciding to ask for help. When the Oklahoma area offers you so many rehab and treatment options, how can you wait? Experts who understand the medical and psychological burdens of alcohol and drug addiction are standing by to begin your road to recovery. But if you delay calling 1-800-610-HOPE (4673), you delay the hope for a better tomorrow. Can you wait longer? The state of Oklahoma has several excellent options throughout the state to give you or your loved one a promising chance of recovery.

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