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Treatment Centers in New Jersey (NJ)

The following drug treatment centers, alcohol rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment facilities are all located in the state of New Jersey. Clicking on the name of any addiction treatment program will bring up a details page with all of the contact information we have in our database for that particular rehabilitation center, as well as ratings and reviews about the program written by members of our recovery community (the public). If you have personal experience with any of the treatment centers listed, we encourage you to register for our site and share your experience with others by writing a review of your own.  Our directory lists treatment centers in New Jersey as a public benefit. Please call our 24/7 addiction treatment helpline at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) for further assistance. We're here to help!

Discovery Institute for Addictive Disorders

80 Conover Road, , , , 7746

Discovery Institute is a state licensed, CARF accredited drug rehabilitation facility for both alcohol and drug treatment services. Our team of passionate professionals have helped thousands of indi ...

SubtitleFormerly Discovery House

58 East Main Street, , , , 08876

Jersey Shore Daytox LLC

2164 Highway 35 Suite D, , , , 08750

Safe, Confidential, Home-Based Opiate Detoxification. We offer confidential, individualized, medically supervised opiate detoxification services. This is all done in the comfort & privacy of your own ...

SubtitleSafe, Confidential Opiate Detox

6 Broadway, , , , 07735

1110 Grand Avenue , , , , 07712

2009 Bacharach Boulevard , , , , 08401

SubtitleMission Healthcare

2009 Bacharach Boulevard, , , , 8401

160 Atlanic City Boulevard , , , , 08721

SubtitleProject Recovery

252 County Route 601, , , , 08502

SubtitleBlake Recovery Center

430 Springfield Avenue Suite 205, , , , 07922

130 Powerville Road, , , , 07005

339 West 2nd Street , , , , 08805

SubtitleSomerset County

270 Chambers Bridge Road Suite 10, , , , 8723

SubtitleOcean Inc


Drug and alcohol treatment in New Jersey (NJ)


New Jersey is much more than the home to Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. The almost 9,000,000 residents of this great state know their contributions in clinical development, pharmaceuticals, and the financial industry are essential to the ongoing prosperity of the United States. From High Point all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey is continually finding new ways to add value to the nation. Despite all New Jersey offers, the state struggles alongside the rest of the nation in dealing with substance abuse. These addictions cannot be ignored.


Our team understands the growing concerns about substance abuse in our area.


Alcohol and drugs creep into lives with an often quiet beginning. Yet the individual, and his or her family and friends soon become consumed by the power of addiction. From Jersey City to Trenton and Elizabeth, no area of New Jersey is less susceptible to drug and alcohol addictions. Substance abuse in our community prevents New Jersey and the surrounding area from achieving its full social and economic potential. We are committed to finding solutions for those suffering from drug and alcohol dependence.


Drug and alcohol dependence in New Jersey requires a greater response than words.


Addiction to alcohol and various drugs is not breaking news. Substance abuse in one form or another has touched almost everyone.

•       Over 16,000 different individuals were treated for heroine abuse during 2010.

•       More people died directly from drug use (797) during a single year than from car accidents (719) or firearms (446).

•       26,206 people were arrested for driving under the influence during 2011 in New Jersey.


Knowing how prevalent these addictions are in our society is a start, but a more comprehensive response is needed. The citizens of New Jersey must understand that the time to act is now. Our team of professionals is prepared to take on addiction in the New Jersey area. With a dedicated staff and the latest in addiction recovery science, we are here for you and your loved one today. Call us at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) to discuss the rehab or treatment facility that can work for you. You can start by looking at the ones listed at the bottom of this page.


We are dedicated to making rehab and addiction treatment happen for you.


Dealing with addiction can seem like an overwhelming task. The New Jersey Rehab Center team is standing by to help you navigate the uncertain waters of insurance policies and healthcare regulations. Every day, we can help you with the knowledge that:

·      Most insurance policies as well as 43 states and the District of Columbia require recognition of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

·      Recently-approved federal healthcare regulations compel insurance policies to include treatment for substance abuse.


Don’t let the national healthcare debate in Washington or Trenton prevent you from getting the help that you need today. Let us cut through the red tape for you! Give us a call at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) and we will find a rehab or treatment program for you!


The dreams you always had don’t need to fall victim to permanent addiction.


Methamphetamines do not need to end the career you've worked years to build. Cocaine and heroin do not need to end friendships. Alcohol prescription painkillers do not need to ruin the relationships you have with your family. When you seek help for addiction, you can begin to envision a better life! Imagine the celebration you’ll have watching a Devils, Giants, or Jets game with all the people who know how hard you had to work to beat substance abuse. Our addiction experts and dedicated staff will work tirelessly to help you rebuild the life you always dreamed you could have again. Call today: 1-800-610-HOPE (4673).


The New Jersey Rehab Center is waiting for you to take your first step toward a better tomorrow.


Substance abuse can destroy the strongest of bodies and minds. You can change! You can overcome addiction! Seeking help is the first step, and we’re excited to be here for you! New Jersey has several options for rehab and treatment. We will find the best solution for your personal struggle with substance abuse. Everyone on our staff is standing by to put the latest medical and counseling techniques to work for you. Make the choice to change. We are waiting to hear from you! 1-800-610-HOPE (4673)

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