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Treatment Centers in Minnesota (MN)

The following drug treatment centers, alcohol rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment facilities are all located in the state of Minnesota. Clicking on the name of any addiction treatment program will bring up a details page with all of the contact information we have in our database for that particular rehabilitation center, as well as ratings and reviews about the program written by members of our recovery community (the public). If you have personal experience with any of the treatment centers listed, we encourage you to register for our site and share your experience with others by writing a review of your own.  Our directory lists treatment centers in Minnesota as a public benefit. Please call our 24/7 addiction treatment helpline at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) for further assistance. We're here to help!

1010 University Avenue Suite 1, , , , 55104

22355 Albatross Circle , , , , 55024

408 West Fountain Street, , , , 56007

222 9th Avenue West, , , , 56308

SubtitleInpatient Program

1700 Broadway Suite 2, , , , 56308

SubtitleOutpatient Program

3301 7th Avenue North Cronin Building, , , , 55303-1119

SubtitleEnterprise (CARE)/Anoka

1814 South Ferry Street, , , , 55303

SubtitleMens Program

1410 South Ferry Road, , , , 55303

SubtitleFor Men

2532 North Ferry Street, , , , 55303

101 14th Street NW , , , , 55912

SubtitleChemical Dependency Services

1510 Bemidji Avenue North Suite 13, , , , 56601

SubtitleChemical Dependency LLC

722 15th Street, , , , 56601

SubtitleProgram for Addictions Recovery

1000 Paul Parkway, , , , 55434


9613 Girard Avenue South, , , , 55431

SubtitleRichfield Bloomington

25704 County Road 338, , , , 55709

324 South 5th Street Suite C, , , , 56401

11855 State Avenue, , , , 56401


523 North 3rd Street, , , , 56401

SubtitleFocus Unit

2400 Saint Francis Drive, , , , 56520

SubtitleHope Unit


Drug and alcohol treatment in Minnesota (MN)


Minnesota, affectionately known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, contributes significantly to the national economy. It is home to important national companies such as Target, 3M, General Mills, and Cargill. From high atop Eagle Mountain, to the shores of Lake Superior, the people of Minnesota bring all they can to the American dream every day. The people of Minnesota also share in one of the most ability struggles the United States ever known. Substance abuse in Minnesota is a critical, and substantial, threat to the potential of everyone in the state.


Addiction to drugs and alcohol in the Minnesota area is a growing threat to the community.

Alcohol addiction and drug dependence strike so many in our community every day. The people of Minnesota and the surrounding areas of Minnesota do not exist in a bubble. Substance abuse affects our friends, coworkers, and families at an alarming rate. No one is safe from the possibility of find themselves in a struggle with drugs and out. From the most urban areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, to smaller communities like Apple Valley and Lakeville, substance abuse and dependence limits the possibility of every Minnesota citizen. Our team is here to help you or your loved one in the ongoing struggle against drugs or alcohol. No matter your circumstance, call us today at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673) to find out more.


Alcohol and other dependence-causing substances constitute a growing public health crisis.

Addiction to controlled substances or alcohol is a problem that must be met with appropriate solutions. In the state of Minnesota:

•           24,543 people were arrested for driving under the influence during 2011 in the state of Minnesota.

•           Marijuana count for almost 9000 separate episodes of drug abuse treatment during 2010. This is significantly higher than any other substance.

•           359 people died in Minnesota during 2007 due directly to drug use, while only 344 people died due to firearms during the same time.


The state of Minnesota, and everyone who calls Minnesota home, cannot simply ignore the power of the statistics. Action must be taken immediately to save lives from substance abuse. Rehab and treatment centers are standing by to help individuals and the community fight this ongoing problem. When you call 1-800-610-HOPE (4673), will can discuss some of the rehab facilities listed below and help start your path to overcoming addiction.


Do not let insurance concerns or new health care laws worry you. We are here to help.


Prescription painkillers, alcohol, and methamphetamines do not care about the fine print of insurance policies or healthcare regulations. Our expert staff can walk you through these hurdles. In fact:

•       recently enacted federal health care laws require most insurance plans to cover substance abuse treatment.

•       Minnesota is among 43 states that compel covered insurance plans to address rehab and treatment options.


Don’t let the political games in St. Paul, or Washington DC, make you think for a second that help is not available to you. Call us now and let our team work through the red tape for you! We are waiting at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673).


Imagine the Minnesota life you’ve been missing. The rehab and treatment options you need are available now.

Picture all Minnesota has to offer. Your dream career can begin when you find help for your need for prescription painkillers. All the good times with your friends can happen again when you face your battle with alcoholism. The family you love so much is waiting for you to overcome cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamines. From all the natural beauty Minnesota has to offer, to cheering on the Vikings or the Twins, life after substance abuse is worth fighting for. Call our dedicated team now. Let us find the rehab or treatment option that can get you to a better life!


Drugs and alcohol have had control long enough. Call us now to begin your road back to sobriety.

Drug and alcohol dependence can make you think there is no hope. Overcoming addiction first requires the courage to seek help. The choice is yours. Call us now at 1-800-610-HOPE (4673)! Treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities specializing in your addiction are available in the Minnesota area right now. The latest in addiction-related medicine and therapy are only a phone call away. Make the choice. Call us now! We will find you the very best program to attack the substance abuse you suffer from, or the substance abuse of the person you dearly care about. 1-800-610-HOPE (4673).



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