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Great Place
When I went to Great Lakes Rehabilitation it was called Best Drug Rehab but it really was the best place I’ve gone to for help since I started trying to get off pain pills. It’s the first and the only place that helped me with my addiction. I started smoking pot when I was a teenager. Really, if I had just stuck with pot I would have been fine with none of the problems I had when I started using pills. When I started using pills, I figured I could just take them occasionally without becoming addicted to them. At first, it was only occasionally. Eventually though, occasionally became more and more often until I was completely dependent on them and couldn’t really function without. When I first admitted to myself that I needed help getting clean I thought I could do just that, get the drugs out of my system and go on with my life. So, I went to a detox. They put me on Suboxone and then weaned me off that. It didn’t work for me though and when I went home after being at the detox for 2 weeks, I relapsed the same day I got home. After that, it was rehab and I hated it. The place was depressing, everyone seemed miserable and all I wanted to do the whole time I was there was go home. My parents convinced me to at least finish the program but again, I used the same day I got home. This continued for the next 3 rehabs I went to. At each place I hated it, wanted to come home, but finished the program because my parents convinced me to. When my parents found BDR I wasn’t excited about going there, wasn’t hopeful in the least that it would be that one magical place to help where all others failed. The program there was different. Instead of having one program that everyone does, they have multiple programs to choose from. That’s why I went. My parents and I figured that it was my best chance for help and I agreed. BDR wasn’t this magical place, truth is I worked harder there than the places before it but I worked harder because of the differences in the facilities. The staff are BDR are amazing. Really good at what they do and really, just good, kind people who want to help. There’s a lot of people working at BDR who had dealt with addiction themselves and it makes a difference. You know they understand what you’re dealing with and it much easier to talk to them because of that. Going through my program helped me in more ways than I thought it would when I first got there. I didn’t just deal with my addiction, I learned a lot about myself, who I was, what kind of person I wanted to be and how to go about becoming that person. The staff there also helped me a lot in dealing with my parents. They helped my parents understand drug addiction and what was going on with me much better than I ever could and with that understanding and how hard I was working to get better, the strain on our relationship lessened considerably. At BDR, I learned how to handle the different situations I might find myself in when I got home and the best way to deal with them so that I wouldn’t relapse. Since going through and completing my program I have felt in control of my life in a way that I haven’t ever felt and I now have confidence in myself and my ability to stay sober. Going to BDR gave me the tools to live drug-free and the desire to do just that.

Changed my life
Sometimes, I still can’t believe how much my life has changed since I went to this rehab. The funny thing is, before going here I never wanted to go to another rehab ever again. I only agreed to go because my mom begged me to go and I hated that my choices in life had made her so miserable. I thought going to one more rehab would finally convince her that going to rehab was pointless for me. I’ve been in and out of rehabs since I was 17 and not one of them actually helped me. When I got there, I was amazed at how much the staff at the facility care about the clients. I’d never seen anything like that before. There’s a lot of people working there who had dealt with their own addictions and so, they completely understood what I was going through. I could talk to them without worrying that I was being judged for the things I did while I was high or the things I did in order to get high. Going through the program helped me a lot. I learned a lot about addiction in general and then specifically my addiction. I discovered what caused me to start using in the first place and what I needed to do or not do in order to stay sober. Being there helped me with more than just learning about myself. I had fun there. For me, I’ve always equated being sober with being miserable. I learned, by experience that it wasn’t the case. I had so much fun there with the other clients and the staff. I worked harder on my program because I wanted to continue being this happy once I was home. I’ve done that. Since graduating my program I’ve worked really hard making sure I did what I needed to in order to stay sober. The biggest difference, for me, between this facility and every other program I’ve been to is that now I don’t feel the need to use drugs. I happy with my life and enjoying it for the first time in years.

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