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My sister's there
My sister went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services 3 months ago for help with her alcoholism. She didn’t have a problem with alcohol until 2 years ago. She lost her job and having a lot of trouble finding a new one. She became depressed and started drinking more and more. 6 months before she went to BRS was when her drinking became a problem she needed professional help with. She stopped even pretending that she wasn’t drinking a ton. Started drinking earlier in the day and the amount of alcohol she drank increased more and more each day. Until 3 months ago she didn’t have any desire to change. When her husband finally had enough he told her that if she didn’t go to rehab, he’d be divorcing her. They were high school sweethearts, have been married for over 20 years and have 3 kids. The fact that she was being so self-destructive and was basically killing her family finally sunk in and she made the decision to get help. Plus, she just didn’t want to lose her husband or her kids and knew that with her drinking if her husband did divorce her, she’d lose her kids. Her husband found a great place in BRS. She’s able to enjoy herself there. She like the other clients and absolutely loves the staff there. She hasn’t had any problems staying there for however long it takes to get her program done right. Everyone there does their program at their own speed and it can take as long as you want it to. There’s been clients there who have stayed for over a year because they liked it there and being there still helped them. That’s not the normal amount of time someone’s there for but, just knowing that if my sister needed it, she could stay for that long, makes me like the place that much more. I went out there to visit her a couple weeks ago and I was really impressed with BRS as a whole. Seeing the place and meeting the staff, it’s easy to understand why someone would stay there for a year or more and why my sister, even being away from her kids hasn’t had any problem with being there for 3 months and continuing to stay for as long as she needs to. It doesn’t feel like a rehab there. The pictures on their website show how beautiful the place is. Seeing them, I knew at least the building was nice. I just figured that with it being a rehab it would feel institutional in some way. It doesn’t feel like that at all. Everyone there, the staff and clients both are actually happy being there. The building was set up with comfort in mind and everything about the place seems easy and relaxing. My sister’s in her 40’s and that’s the average age of the clients there. There aren’t any 18-year-old running around there. Having everyone there being older has made the whole thing much easier for my sister. I know she’d be having a lot harder time in she had to go through rehab with kids that were barely older than her own. For my sister, being there is comfortable with a lot of additions that have made it even easier for her to stay there as long as she needs to. She’s been doing this meditation circle thing. I don’t totally know what it is but she loves it. She’s been going to the yoga class, the have a masseuse that comes there and they’ll take her to go get her nails done if she wants. They take the clients out every week and she’ll always go and has fun. She’s super excited for this weekend though. They’re all going to an alpaca farm that is having some alpaca palooza event. She’s going to spend the whole day doing all things alpaca. It’s nothing she’s ever done before or even think to do but the staff are always looking out for events like that as it’s made her stay at BRS more enjoyable. Her program is one that’s been tailored to her and her needs and she’s doing great on it. Because of BRS it’s been easy to take her time doing her program. I’m glad when her husband went looking for rehabs, he came across BRS and that my sister is getting help there.

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