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My brohter
My brother went to Serenity Point Recovery 8 months ago. The place is amazing. My brother has struggled with his addiction for 20 years. He’s 10 years older than me and for a long time I didn’t know what addiction was or that he was an addict. By the time I could understand what was going on he had already moved out of the house and was living his own life. He came by rarely. Our parents wouldn’t allow him to come around unless he was sober so mostly I saw him when he was coming to stay with us after completing some rehab or when he managed to stay sober on his own for a bit. He was never with us very long. Either he’d relapsed or move out as soon as he could and then relapse. A few years ago though, he came home from a rehab and stayed for a year. It was awesome. I finally got to know my brother and we became much closer. It was awful when he relapsed. I was still pretty young and while I knew about addiction, it didn’t make sense to me how he could relapse when he wanted to stay sober. I finally came to understand that for my brother, all the little problems life throws at you were something he had trouble handling. When things didn’t go the way he wanted or planned, he wanted to use. So, when a bunch of things happened together that didn’t go his way, relapsing became much more likely. Our parents found Serenity last year and it took 4 months for him to agree to go. From what I saw when we went to visit him and from what he told me over the phone, Serenity was a great place for him to go. They have multiple programs which is good because he’s been through so many rehabs and he needed something that was different. He spoke a lot about the different classes that he took in addition to his program. He loved the art and music therapy and both seemed to really help him. There were a lot of little things about Serenity that when added up made the time he spent there much more helpful than any other rehab before. Having the staff being people that were easy to talk to, having the different programs, having the activities the staff always set up for them. All of it made him much more committed to staying sober and he worked harder at his program because of it. He was there for 3 months and since he’s come home I can tell he’s so much more committed to staying sober. He goes to meetings all the time, he talks to his aftercare specialist constantly and actually does what they talk about. His ability to deal with life has improved a ton. Actively working to stay sober is a new thing for him. He’s been so much happier since going to Serenity. I’m so happy to have my brother back in my life again.

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