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Saved My Life
I’ve been to A Forever Recovery twice now and if I had another relapse I’d go back there. The first time I went to AFR was 5 years ago and doing the program really worked for me. For 4 years after that I was clean, sober and doing really well. Unfortunately, 10 months ago I relapsed. When I relapsed, I went right back to AFR. Before going to AFR the first time I had been to several different rehab centers. Some for 30 days, some for 6 months. I didn’t matter how long I was at a place or what type of program they offered I was never able to stay clean for very long after leaving. It was hard on me and each time I relapsed after a rehab it became harder and harder to try again. Eventually I lost all hope that I’d ever get sober. I’ve known a lot of different addicts in my life. Going through so many different programs you meet a lot of different people. When you’re going through a program you either have people there because they are really trying to get clean and you have those that are there only because someone made them go. Obviously, relapsing is always harder on those who are really trying to get clean but even with the ones that don’t care all that much, eventually going through so many programs gets old and you began to believe that you’re one of the ones that just can’t be helped. At least that’s what I thought before I went to AFR, that it didn’t matter where I went, I just couldn’t be helped. AFR was different though in that you weren’t stuck doing one specific program. They have different programs to choose from and even though I liked the idea of that I still wasn’t all that optimistic. Going through my program at AFR changed everything for me though. The staff there are kind and compassionate. They really know what they’re doing and understood me and what I was dealing with. Having the different programs meant that I was able to do a program that fit me, my personality and my needs. Another thing was that my program took me 4 months. There were some people who were only there for 1 month and some who were there for 6 months. Each person did a program that fit them on a timeline that was right for them. It made everything so much easier. By doing my program there I was able to finally get a handle on my addiction and the horrible cycle of going to rehab after rehab just to relapse was finally ended. For the next 4 years I stayed sober, I was doing really well and I was happy. 10 months ago, I was dealing with some personal things and slipped up. I waited too long to ask for help and ended up relapsing. When that happened, I went right back to AFR and checked myself in. I knew I needed help and AFR was the only place that would work for me. I was only there for 1 month this time but in that time I got a refresher on my program and I was able to deal with the stuff I was dealing with in a place where I felt safe and comfortable. It was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and I know the only reason my slip-up didn’t become much worse was because I went right back there. I’ve been home for 9 months now and I’m doing great again. I’m clean, sober and happy and it’s because of the help I received at AFR both the first and second time.

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Great Program
A Forever Recovery has a great program and I received so much support from my peers and the staff to get where I am today and I want to say thank you! Thank you so much for getting me to the place I am at in my life right now. You are all awesome!

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