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Changed my life
I went to Choices 4 months ago and it changed my life. Since I started using and then realized that quitting wouldn’t be as easy as I thought, that just not using anymore wasn’t working for me, I’ve wanted to get sober. Nothing seemed to help though. It didn’t matter where I went, what type of program I did or how long I was there for. I wasn’t able to stay clean once I was home. I’d be sober for however long I was in rehab for, I’d think I’d be okay and then I’d relapse shortly after getting home. Everything in my life suffered because I was using. I hurt everyone I knew but especially my parents. While doing my program at Choices I learned how to communicate with them better, how to have an actual conversation with them without it turning into a fight. I also learned, when we did have a disagreement, how to not use that as an excuse to get high. Since coming home my relationship with my parents has been great. I took a lot for granted when I was sober, just being able to have dinner with my parents and hang out with them again is a big deal for me. There’s so many things about Choices that make it a great program. What makes it truly special though is the staff working there. They are super nice and extremely dedicated to helping people. They just want to help make your life better and go out of their way to make sure that you have everything you need so that when you do go home, you’re ready. When I first got to Choices, I didn’t think that kindness was real, I thought it’d go away once I’d been there for a while or when I got out of detox. It didn’t though and that made my time there so much easier. I was at Choices for 3 months and came home a month ago, after graduating. I’ve been doing great since coming home. Going to Choices gave me my life back and I’m grateful beyond words for the help I got there.

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