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Addiction Assessment

The addiction assessment we use is a biopsychosocial evaluation and assessment. This type of drug and alcohol assessment takes into account information from a person’s biology, psychological make-up, and social interactions to assess the severity of an individual’s addiction.

Our assessment can be taken for yourself or for someone you know.

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This online service is provided free of charge, and all information received from clients is completely confidential. Response time is usually 24 hours or less in the form of a confidential e-mail or telephone interview. In most instances, a counselor will attempt phone contact to better assess the situation. In the event of a phone call, will only identify themselves to the contact person listed below and will advise all others that this is a personal call and will not disclose who we are or why we are calling. Please fill out the assessment form to the best of your ability. All fields are not required and remember – disclosing personal information is not required for assistance or treatment referral. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance at We’re here to help!

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