Alcohol Addiction and Alcoholism

Alcohol: The Killer

A new study published by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) considered how alcohol contributed to the rate of the death as compared to other known threats. The shocking finding: “Alcohol now accounts for a higher proportion of deaths worldwide than HIV, AIDS, violence and tuberculosis combined.” While the Untied State does not top the list, the conclusion still holds. The continuous over-indulgence of alcohol is a threat to our friends, family, and country.

Not only is there an emotional cost to families and loved ones, there is an exorbitant economic cost. Officials in the United Kingdom estimate that binge drinking cost their nation over $18 Billion Dollars a year. The problem cannot be ignored and must be addressed now. But what can we do?

Are you drinking past your limit every night? Is the constant hangover effecting your work or family? Have you lost someone you love to bottle after bottle of booze? The time to act cannot wait. Each time the body is forced to poison itself with too much alcohol , the possibility of a successful and healthy future diminish.

Treatment and rehab options are readily available across the Untied States. You find the affordable option that will help you, or that person you love, defeat the disease of alcoholism. You are one phone call away from that help. Please, give us a call at 1-800-610-4673. Our dedicated team is stand by to take that important first step with you. Be apart of fighting alcoholism in our country and around the world today.

Reference: National Post 5/14/15