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Addiction Treatment Centers

An addiction treatment center is a place where alcoholics and drug addicts go to find recovery from addiction. Some addiction treatment centers also treat other addictions such as sex addiction, gambling addiction, and food addiction in addition to drugs and alcohol. Other centers specialize in dual diagnosis treatment. In all cases, the recovery process must begin by carefully assessing the patient's case, and customizing the right treatment services to effectively help the patient to recover. To learn about different centers and the services they offer, visit our treatment center directory, or call our 24/7 helpline at 1 .

What is an Addiction Treatment Center?

Traditionally, addiction has been defined as physical and/or psychological dependence on psychoactive or mood-altering substances. More generally, addiction can also be looked at as a continuing engagement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it. Addiction treatment centers come in all shapes and sizes, from small family run programs all the way to large, full hospitalization detox and treatment centers.  If you know somebody who needs help with their addiction but is unwilling to check himself or herself into a rehab facility, then an addiction intervention may be in order. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a treatment center that is really suitable for the patient’s condition and situation.

Licensing and accreditation

Choose an addiction treatment center that is accredited and licensed by trusted organizations. These are treatment centers that have been evaluated, assessed, and proven to be helpful for recovery by official accreditors. You should also find out if there are complaints and problems associated with a treatment center. You can find this information online, in websites like Treatment Centers, which offers community ratings.

The effectiveness of the treatment program

Some treatment centers make it a point to do research on the success rates of their facilities and methods. Don’t always believe what their research says, though, unless their tools for measurement are accurate. Read testimonials and ask for opinions from accreditors on the success rates of the treatment center that is offering a rehabilitation program that you want to participate in.

Aftercare programs

Check to see if the addiction treatment center has an aftercare program or not. Remember that aftercare programs are important because recovery from addiction is actually a long term and on-going process. These programs provide follow-up therapies, 12-step programs, self-help groups, extended care, and consultations to ensure that the patient is stable and won’t go into a relapse.

Individualized treatment programs

Determine if the treatment center is providing treatment programs that can incorporate medical and psychiatric care for the patient. Ask yourself: will the program cater completely to the medical, social, spiritual, health, and psychological needs of the patient? A holistic and individualized treatment program is suitable to ensure higher rates of success.

Go online

The easiest way that you can find a suitable addiction treatment center is by visiting a website that has resources and an entire database of treatment centers such as Treatment Centers. Our website is a public and benefit organization that is dedicated to helping alcoholics and drug addicts recover from the harmful effects of alcoholism, co-occurring disorders, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis. We have a complete directory of rehabilitation programs, treatment centers, recovery centers, and treatment programs, complete with ratings from the recovery community. From substance abuse disorders to eating disorders, you can find all the information you need from Treatment Centers.

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