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Addiction is a life-shattering illness. It breaks people down, rips families apart, and is progressive and ultimately fatal if not addressed. It all starts with that first drink or hit, and the thought that an individual can quit whenever he or she wants. There are many outcomes, but eventually all addiction roads lead to jails, institutions, and death. For many addicts, addiction is a lifelong illness, with relapses even after long periods of abstinence.

An addict is defined as a person who is unable to live a normal life without ingesting a mood-altering chemical or engaging in a mood-altering experience. He or she has a continuous craving for the psychological, physical and/or social effects produced by a substance or behavior of choice, resulting in unmanageability in life. Addicts may be either psychologically or physically dependent on a drug, or both. The addict who is psychologically dependent takes the drug to feel mentally refreshed, self-confident, socially functional etc. The physically dependent addict shows physical signs of withdrawal if the drug is not available to them.

Although addiction begins when a person makes the choice to use drugs, the term "addiction" does not simply mean the abuse of the drugs themselves. Recent scientific studies have found evidence that drugs not only interfere with normal brain functioning creating powerful feelings of euphoria, they also have long-term effects on the brain's metabolism and brain activity. Due to this, addicts are not able to just quit using, as their brains have become dependent on the substance for normal functioning.

If you have a drug addiction, we encourage you to check into a treatment facility and get the help you need. If your loved one has a drug problem, talk to them about recovery or plan an intervention. There are many resources available to help addicts and their families, including: drug treatment centers, counseling, group meetings, intervention planning and much more. Don't delay, seek help now and get your life back on the right track!

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