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Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

Written by Treatment-Centers Adminstrators
Monday, September 17, 2007
All members are responsible for knowing the following rules and regulations contained in our Code of Conduct.

The administrators reserve the right to restrict or ban any person representative of any materials or communications which sre deemed by the administrators to be harmful or disrespectful to individual guests or
Prohibited profilr content, private messaging, forum posting, and email behaviors include (but are not limited to):
Profanity, vulagrity, or explicit content
Using alternative numbers and characters, spellngs, and spacing to mask profanity
Use any combination of language that may produce an offensive result
Discussion of or enactments of sexually explicit material
Discussion of or enactments of graphic violence
Discussion of or enactments of hate speech (racial, ethnic, sexual, homophobic, religious, sexist slurs)
Promotion of or engaging in certain illegal activities, such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, rape or solicitation of a minor, computer hacking, and copyright violation
Harrassment of another specific person (persistent personal attacks in the forum, or enactment of personal harrassment of any kind)
Posting of any inflamtory material or language designed to elicit a negative response from the Recovery Community
Spamming through repeated posts or advertising in the forum, private messaging, or personal emails
No useless and off-topic posts
Advertising or promoting a business or website without permission from
Impersonation of another person, site staff, by either screen name or self representation
Reistering a banned username, variation of a banner username, attempts to resubscrbe under a new username after being banned by the administrator.

These disruptive behaviors are grounds for banning from the Recovery Community. The judgement of innapropriate behvior is ultimately at the discretion of administrators.

Disciplinary Procedures:
If a member has demonstrated any part of the above mentioned prohibited behviors, that member will be removed and username banned from the Recovery Community. These procedures are intented to be general guidelines and each situation will be assessed by and determined at the discretion of administrators.

Only one account per user please
Please post to relevant forums only. Any posts found in inappropriate categories will be moved to the most relevant category. At, we encourge you to try to help those in need, however specific advertising and promotion of any business or service is strictly prohibited. We want to remain a caring, helpful, and supported environment for all who come, so please use your judgement and treat other people with the same respect you expect.

Please Note:
Our Administrators cannot be everywhere at once. If ou encounter actions in posts or other areas that you percieve to be disruptive or harmful to a guest, damages, or violates a third-party's rights, be sure to make a note of the time/place where the event occcurred and contact an administrator immediatly by emailing us at our contact page.
Note to all Organizations Listed in the Treatment Directory: aims to have a comprehensive treatment directory and we do allow all registered users to rate and review listings within our directory based on their personal experiences, whether positive or negative.  Please be advised that although we do allow our registered users to review listings in our directory, we strictly prohibit slanderous and/or profane language to be used on listing reveiws or anywhere else within the website. Administrators at reserve the right to remove any reviews that violate our Code of Conduct and purpose in running a publically reviewd treatment directory. Any listing reviews violating our Code of Conduct will be removed immediatley and the member submitting such reviews will be subject to the prior mentioned Disciplinary Procedures.  

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