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Addiction Treatment Internet Marketing

One would be hard pressed to find a more competitive industry on the Internet than addiction and recovery. Few clients seeking recovery select a treatment center without first having spent considerable time on the web site, getting both a visual perception and descriptions of the services offered. The client and the client’s family will want to satisfy comfort and security concerns, quality of care offered, fees, location, staff, programs offered, types of addictions treated and a host of other factors. There are a lot of options from which to choose and a handful of centers seem to dominate the top positions. How did they achieve these lofty rankings for targeted keywords and more importantly, how can your treatment center join those ranks? If your web site is not being found for highly positioned, targeted keywords, the web site message will rarely reach its intended audience.

There are no shortcuts to success and few web site owners have the time or the technical expertise to focus on the critical activities. To be sure, there are many areas requiring attention.  While all have varying levels of influence, the problem becomes exacerbated because the major search engines are adept at varying the importance of these positioning-related activities. Few companies achieve success without the assistance of a web development company that understands the addiction and recovery marketplace. 

The activity areas that are considered crucial can be outlined as follows: 

  1. Web Design: considerations include viewer appeal, ease of navigation, built for search engine optimization, domains built around keywords, i.e. (, W3C Validation, Hosting, Tags, Text Content, etc.
  2. Web Marketing: considerations include Search Engine Optimization SEO), PageRank, Link Popularity, Site  Maps, Local Maps, Registrations, Paid Directories, Analytics,  Data Base Capture, Broadcasting, Call Tracking, Pay-Per-Click,  Conversion Analyses, etc.
  3. Social Media –Web 2.0: Considerations include Blogs, RSS Feeds, Video, Social Networking, Bookmarking Buttons, Tagging, Multimedia Posts, Wikis, Geo-Tagging, Podcasts, etc.

The above list is by no means inclusive and few companies have the ability to integrate all of these components into a successful web presence marketing campaign. The treatment center should not seek out a “web person” who took a few Dreamweaver or Photoshop courses. The competitiveness of the industry requires the services of a web company that has a track record of success with some of the leading treatment centers in the nation and a company that can further enhance the link-building potential of

We are often asked by our clients and others in the industry for a recommendation for internet marketing in the addiction treatment industry; one company comes quickly to mind. We have been friends with Webconsuls for many years, as they are one of the leading Internet marketing companies representing treatment centers, sober living homes, interventionists and other recovery professionals across the country. Their client list is most Impressive and in our opinion, they excel in each of the three areas listed above. If you are seeking assistance to generate additional traffic and Internet-related conversions, you should contact Webconsuls, one of the Internet’s premiere design, SEO and SEM organizations, for a free web site analysis.

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