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About Us is meant to be a central repository of information about addiction and alcoholism.  It is a community based public benefit website – a resource that is free to the public, where qualified and experienced experts in drug addiction, alcoholism, dual diagnosis and other addictive disorders – most often individuals who are themselves in recovery – can share their experience in how to overcome these complex diseases.

Our Policies

  • is a privately funded leading addiction treatment resource site and directory of treatment centers providing individuals with quality treatment and recovery resources.
  • is a no-cost public benefit service designed to help addicts, alcoholics, and individuals suffering from dual diagnosis and co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders find addiction resources and effective treatment centers and rehabilitation service organizations for alcoholism and addiction treatment of the highest quality.
  • Our mission is to help families and addicts find in-depth information about addiction and treatment, help the public determine which recovery programs are best suited to their specific needs, and provide comprehensive addiction assessment and treatment referral services at no cost.
  • We work with rehabilitation organizations throughout the country and the world to find treatment for individuals suffering from substance abuse and behavioral health disorders. Our database of treatment centers includes centers for recovery from addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring behavioral health issues. Our assessment and referral services are completely free of charge.
  • This site is intended to stimulate awareness of addiction, alcoholism, other behavioral health related disorders, and treatment, and to help individuals suffering from these diseases find relevant information and resources for treatment and recovery.
  • Our site offers a great deal of addiction-related information and resources. This information is the opinion of and authored by staff, who are not medical personnel, but whose lives have been touched by drug abuse, alcoholism and/or dual diagnosis. We strive to offer information, resources, and guidance to addicts and alcoholics, as people helped us when we were in need and suffering from the same problems. In areas of the site where medical information is reproduced, the source is cited and references to the original information are given. Our site is not intended to offer medical advice, but rather general information on addictive diseases, and how to find help and support.


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Where to Start

We all have different experiences, beliefs, and lifestyles which make us unique. In the same way, the effects of addiction vary from person to person based on the individual. John Bradshaw describes addiction as a “Pathological relationship with any mood altering experience with life damaging consequences”.  Not everyone who does drugs, drinks alcohol or gambles at a casino is an addict, but the primary sign of addiction – namely unmanageability in life – is impossible to ignore. To determine whether you or a loved one is actually in need of addiction treatment, we offer a free and completely confidential addiction assessment. By answering the questions on the assessment, we will be able to review the situation and one of our trained addiction professionals will contact you directly to further discuss the issues you are experiencing and possible solutions for recovery.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are serious and potentially fatal conditions which require immediate, professional help. There are over 13,000 drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in the United States and thousands more abroad designed to treat every kind of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder. When drug addicts and alcoholics become willing to make a change, quickly determining the best treatment program for their needs can mean the difference between life and death. For immediate assistance, call our 24/7 addiction helpline at 1 866-985-0181 (HOPE) or explore our publicly rated and reviewed treatment center directory, we’re here to help!

About Our Founder…

“I am writing today to offer my personal message of hope, and to say thank you to the visitors to this website, to the drug and alcohol treatment centers and rehabilitation organizations who taught me so much, and to the professionals who provide resources and a a roadmap to recovery for people of all ages each and every day.  I had a problem with drugs and alcohol for more than half my life.  That said, I’m proud to be in recovery today, and dedicate my life to helping others. I have learned a great deal about addictive disease through my years of active addiction and my career working in the substance abuse treatment industry, and this website is intended to share that knowledge with individuals and the families and friends of individuals who suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism, dual diagnosis and other addictive disorders. Most importantly, I have learned that individuals can’t recover alone – we have to help one another. This website is my attempt to do that, and give back to an industry that has helped save my life. For many years I was a drug addict with no direction, no purpose, no spirituality, and absolutely no idea of how to get sober and stay sober.  And it wasn’t for lack of trying; I attended detox centers, drug rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment facilities numerous times during my years of addiction. Now that I have found recovery in my own life, I dedicate my life to sharing my experience, strength and hope with others .”

– Bernie Grohsman, Founder, Behavioral Health Technologies, Inc.

Bernie Grohsman is a 10+ year Internet marketing veteran and is considered by many the premier Internet marketing expert in the Behavioral Healthcare field. He is the creator and former owner (as well as designer, architect, and search engine optimizer) of, Founder and former owner of D.A.R.S. (Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services), and Founder and owner of Morpheus Consulting Inc.  Positions Bernie has held in the industry have included Director of Internet Marketing for CRC Health Corporation, Director of Internet Marketing for Orchid Recovery Center for Women, and CTO/Director of Internet Marketing for Support Systems Homes. His accomplishments include the design and/or optimization of some of the best-ranking and best-known sites in the behavioral health and addiction treatment field(s). Bernie’s consulting expertise and experience is unmatched, specializing in business development through the use of technology. In addition to all things web-related, he consults on call center development and admissions department/call center training.

Bernie is also an addict in recovery who lost his only brother to addiction in his early 20’s. The website was the ultimate extension of his recovery and desire to help others – it remains an addiction treatment resource website which contains one of the largest and most comprehensive directories of treatment centers and treatment professionals anywhere on the Internet (even larger than SAMHSA’s database – over 12,800 treatment organizations and therapists). It is a public benefit service first and foremost, designed to help both the general public and the treatment industry itself, offering all addiction treatment providers and therapists free inclusion, and providing 24 hours/day 365 day/year live phone assistance and free online drug and alcohol assessments to the public.