Knowing the signs and symptoms of drug abuse is key to help an individual struggling with addiction to get help and achieve sobriety. Abused drugs range from over-the-counter cold remedies to cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. Symptoms of abuse vary widely between different drugs. One thing they all have in common: an inability to manage life once addiction takes hold.

The addiction assessment we use is a biopsychosocial evaluation and assessment. This type of drug and alcohol assessment takes into account information from a person's biology, psychological make-up, and social interactions to assess the severity of an individual's addiction.

Our assessment can be taken for yourself or for someone you know.

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Overcoming drug addiction can be difficult. In some cases, using medication is not an option; rather, therapy can be a superior option. Different drug treatment centers offer varied methods of addiction assistance. Despite these varying philosophies on the best approach to drug treatment, they all have one thing in common - to give addicts and alcoholics the tools needed to survive in mainstream society without turning to mood-altering chemicals.